The Barista Supremo System is compact machine. With one push of a button it simply makes a cup of gourmet coffee. It is the perfect machine for any office, business, or food and beverage environment.


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Great coffee from a clearly superior machine

The Barista Supremo is manufactured by Saeco of Italy. Saeco is the world’s largest producer of commercial cappuccino/espresso equipment. The Barista Supremo system is a breakthrough in gourmet coffee technology. It grinds and brews “European” specialty coffees in seconds at the push of a button, a convenience never available in the work place before. The system is computer controlled; the microprocessor allows the operator to perform a multitude of tasks, ranging from adjusting the strength and flavour of perform a multitude of tasks, ranging from adjusting the strength and flavour of each drink and pricing each drink individually. The unit automatically meters the machine’s production and informs the operator of how much is to be collected based on the pricing programmed. The Barista Supremo’s simple menu driven operating system allows for computer management control and detailed reporting of sales actives.

The Barista Supremo System consists of a completely automatic top-of-the-line cappuccino/espresso machine as well as all the supplies you need to make great coffee, whenever you want it. This sleek space saving European design fits in anywhere with no need for plumbing.

No hassle, just great tasting fresh coffee

  • No more mess.
  • No more clean up.
  • No more stale coffee.
  • No more half finished coffee down the drain.
  • No more waste.

With the Barista Supremo System, every cup is individually brewed.

Our technicians keep the Barista units under lock and key and the liabilities of someone tampering with open coffee pots is no longer a fear to the employer. Counter space in your work area is no longer needed for the messy archaic units that most businesses still have. Because we own the machines we will be servicing the machines twice a week in order to ensure the machines are clean, and they have the required amount of gourmet coffee, water, milk, coffee cream, and sugar.

Fresh from the bean taste

Great coffee begins well before the brewing process. Using a local coffee purveyor, Full Cup Service supplies a fresh roasted coffee bean keeping the Barista Supremo System brewing the freshest coffee possible. This system uses the “Short is Sweet” pressing procedure, a rapid process that efficiently extracts the precious oils and further protects the rich flavour and aroma we all love in coffee.

The most important step in making great coffee is getting the right proportion of ingredients. The Barista System exactly combines the perfect amount of coarsely (or ‘burr’) ground beans and filtered water, keeping the water in contact with all of the beans an equal amount of time. It also filters less of the fines (fine coffee grounds similar to powder), which makes for a more full flavoured drink, free from bitterness, yet without a grounds taste.

Drip coffee makers brew at a temperature too low for proper flavour extraction. The Barista System uses a patented brew group process heating the drink to “just off the boil”, a perfect temperature to immediately enjoy a cup of the best coffee ever!

The Barista Supremo System consists of a completely automatic, top-of-the-line cappuccino/espresso machine as well as all the supplies and servicing needed to make a great cup of coffee anytime you want it. It serves up delicious specialty coffees that are ground fresh from the bean every single cup. And the sleek, European, space-saving design fits anywhere a water cooler could, with no need for any plumbing attachment. Your only expense is each individual cup of coffee.

See how it works!