How many employees that you have will determine how much you will save. Our figure show that you could save $2,600 a year per employee. Let’s show you how.


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How much your company would save?

Full Cup Service when invited in to assess the situation and after analyzing the requirements in detail they determined that by consolidating all the services into a single vendor, the company would save 21% of their costs. In addition, the volume of monthly Purchase Orders was reduced from dozens to only one without losing a single part of their service.

A result was they chose Full Cup Service to be their vendor and immediately began to realize their savings. The best result will be a happy staff all around, from the CFO to his accounting personnel and of course, to everyone that enjoyed drinking the coffee!

Things to consider. How much time does just making a coffee run take?

1. The employee needs to get there coat on in the winter and find people who also wants coffee. 3 minute
2. Walk to the coffee establishment 7 minutes
3. Wait in line for coffee. Now how many coffees is that person getting will determine how much time it takes to get served 5 minutes to 10 minutes. 5 minutes to 10 minutes
4. Walk back to work. Now the are going a little slower because they have more than 1 cup of coffee in their hand. So it takes 9 minutes instead. 9 minutes
5. Find the people that they got the coffee for and take it to them. 5 minutes
6. Now they want to take their break for the next 15 minutes, because after all they did think they worked during that timeframe. 15 minutes
7. So how much wasted time is that? 44 minute to 49 minutes Total wasted time

If the business owner has one employee who does this on a daily bases that with a wage of $20 an hour. It will cost you a total of $2,600 a year, just for one employee who wastes valuable company time.

Not what it is a larger company and 10 employees did this every day that will be a company loses of $26,000 a year. Plus who knows how much profit they would have made you during that year if they were productive.